Èric Boadella is a Spanish Film, TV, and Music Video director based in Los Angeles. Èric learned the craft by directing numerous music videos for his punk-rock band, The Moon Men, and other bands from the Barcelona scene. After working as an Electronic Engineer for more than five years, he switched careers to follow his passion of filmmaking. He then studied cinematography at the SF Academy of Art and directed short films until he was recognized for his first feature film, Toastmaster (2014), winning three silver Biznaga awards and acquired by Movistar + at the 17th Malaga Spanish Film Festival. With an engineer's mind and a musician's heart, Èric directs and creates Drama and Sci-Fi projects, focusing on stories that explore the core and limits, but also the absurdity, of human relations. He is one of the seven directors selected by the 2018 FOX TV Directors Lab and the Walt Disney TV Creative Talent Development & Inclusion.