TOASTMASTER  (2013, 78min, USA/Spain)
Produced by Almatwins Productions, Saturno Films and Atorrrante Films
Distributed by Canal Plus, Filmin and Almatwins Distribuciones

Director: Eric Boadella
Cast: David Hovan, Sevag Mahserejian and Kali Flanagan
Cinematographer: Hermes Marco | Editor: Francesc Sitges
Full cast and crew here | + info: IMDB


Uncle Kapriel wants to maintain the family tradition of the Toastmaster, a master of ceremonies who has to connect with the past and share moments of joy with lyrical and clever toasts. He lives as a recluse in Glendale, California, and foresees the visit of his nephew Alek as the perfect opportunity to pass on the ancient tradition. But Alek has his own agenda for the weekend, and it’s not to learn the long-lost art of the toast. Alek wants to make a film about who he believes was the most dangerous man in the Armenian mafia, his Uncle Kapriel.  


AWARD: BEST FEATURE AUDIENCE AWARD  - 2014 Arpa International Film Festival (Los Angeles) 

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE  - 2014 La Mostra (Sao Paulo International Film Festival) 

AWARD: CANAL + SPECIAL AWARD  - 2014 Malaga Spanish Film Festival - ZonaZine

AWARD: BEST DIRECTOR (Eric Boadella) - 2014 Malaga Spanish Film Festival - ZonaZine

AWARD: BEST SCRIPT (Eric Boadella) - 2014 Malaga Spanish Film Festival - ZonaZine

FINALIST - 2014 Douro International Film Festival (Portugal)

2nd Most Voted Film - 2014 La Atlantida (Online Film Contest in Spain)

OPENING NIGHT - 2014  Washington DC Independent Film Festival

FINALIST - 2014 Ourense International Film Festival (Spain)

FINALIST - 2014 Festival de Madrid - PNR (Spain)

AWARD: BEST FIRST FEATURE - 2013 Wine Country Film Festival (Santa Rosa, CA)

San Francisco Film Society (2012) - Prestigious San Francisco Film Society endorses “Toastmaster” under the project development program.

UCLA (2012) - Eric Boadella’s script “Toastmaster” is one of the 12 scripts selected by screenwriter Tom Lazarus (Stigmata) to participate in his Screenwriter workshop.