DEAR MOON,  a Road Trip to the Moon.

Teenage lovers, Salomon and Alexa, run away together in search of Salomon's grandfather to the city of Las Lunas, New Mexico; a bizarre city where, forty years ago, thousands of volunteers failed to move to the moon.

Dear Moon is a romantic and sci-fi dramedy about two teenagers, Salomon and Alexa, who run away in search of Salomon's grandfather to the strange city of Las Lunas, NM; where
forty years ago, thousands of volunteers-- including Salomon's grandfather—joined a mission to move to the moon permanently.  The risky mission was cancelled and the fiasco led to the renaming of the city to its current name, La Lunas (The Moons in Spanish).  

Alexa’s powerful father, the crooked mayor of the city, is ashamed of having a runaway daughter and falsely accuses Salomon of kidnapping Alexa.  The whole city is searching for them and Juvenile Hall seems to be Salomon’s inevitable destination. All seems lost until the young lovebirds make a discovery that lifts their runaway spirits: Salomon’s grandfather is secretly setting off on a journey to bring his wife’s ashes to the Moon.  His grandfather is not alone in his desire to finally succeed in traveling to the moon.  Other volunteers, from the cancelled Moon One mission, are set to join him on the reckless journey. Salomon and Alexa are facing the dilemma of their lives: they may have a chance to escape the city of Las Lunas, but the destination is much further than expected.


  • Estimated Budget 1.3M
  • Estimated Shooting Dates: November 2016
  • Financing in Place: 30% (Spain)
    • Line&Content (Co-Producer Spain) -  20%
    • Executive Producers Toastmaster (Spain) - 10% 
  • Looking for 70% (US Co-Producer)

We are currently looking for an American Producer to become the main co-producers of the project. 

If you want to know more about the project please contact us, and we can send to you the full package:

  • Script
  • Estimated Budget
  • Financing Plan & Co-Producers Info
  • Director's vision
  • Background of the project
  • Proposed Shooting Plan and Calendar 

Eric Boadella (Writer / Director)
Ester Velasco - Line & Content (Co-Producer Spain)
Hermes Marco (Co-Producer)

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